harrogate Shelves

Open when others could not

We’ve been open throughout lockdown but lots of our close friends and neighbours had to close. We don't take it for granted for one moment that we were able to stay open.

I refer to my blog a while ago about 'Flour'. If anyone would've have told me, back in November 2018 when I had my little market stall, that I would be selling over a ton of bread flour in the space of 3 months I wouldn't have believed you! because of the enormous quantities of flour, we were storing we had to change how we did things for a while to keep our staff and customers safe. Sacks of flour can be a real trip hazard and we all had enough on our plates!

Socially-distant but still social-shopping

We’ve been allowing customers to bring in their food containers again - we hated having to fill those paper bags all of the time!

We’d love you to shop with us and we want you to be reassured that we still have social distancing measures in place to protect you and our staff as much as we can.

It's lovely to be able to have a chat with those that we've missed so much and it's lovely meeting 'new' customers in calmer surroundings.

Adapting again!

We're open 7 days a week now (Sunday 10-4)) We'd love you to come along and say 'hello'!

Here are our current shop ‘rules’ for the Harrogate shop. Staff have the final say though so please don't be offended if we ask you to step back, sanitise your hands or pop on a mask.

  • Maximum of 2 customers at a time - our shop is fairly small and full to the brim with goodies!
  • Sanitise your hands on the way in and out - we have our Miniml Refills disinfectant hand rub for you to use
  • Pay by card where you can but we also accept cash if that’s how you prefer to pay

A big thank you

I'm not going to lie, it's been tough for us all, including the staff.  But we all were fully committed to supplying our customers with what they needed. I am so grateful to Lydia and Jude for keeping customers topped up with flour, yeast, sugar, curry paste, squash, chickpeas, pasta and more.

We really value the support you have all given us over the last few months and we really hope you continue to shop plastic-free with us as much as you can.