Have You Noticed There Is A Little More Colour In Chapel Allerton Then Usual?

Image of local artwork

We're giving a little space this month to a guest writer, Sarah from CA Spaces.

The following piece is a guest blog from Sarah at CA Spaces. We donated to the crowdfunder platform last year and our media box is the top left on the image above

More colour, fun and greenery anyone?

We’ve so enjoyed our creative journey to date thanks to the kind people of Chapel Allerton!

We started out simply looking to add a bit more love to lots of forgotten corners of CA. In 2017 planting two fruit trees on Regent St, a wonderful group of people turned up and we spent a great sunny afternoon adding beautiful plants, listening to tunes and have a generally good laugh.

It was such a positive start and within a short amount of time, we created our first fruit orchard, the mud kitchen and wildlife haven, developed the living food bank within the park and have planted over 600 trees thanks to the support of our ward members.

Street art was something we wanted to incorporate from the start but the right time didn’t come along until after the amazing responses we got to the mural on Short Lane and we changed our group name to CA Spaces to greater reflect our focus. That’s when we started to plot on working more with amazing local artists to create high-quality art on the drab media boxes you find lurking around every corner.

Thanks to the amazing independent businesses we have in Chapel Allerton sponsoring these artists, and to the crowdfunding we ran last year we have been able to create over 20 beautiful artworks to date. We pride ourselves on being a not-for-profit organisation so every penny is spent on investing back into Chapel Allerton.

Sadly we’ve run out of money but we’re busy applying for small grants and working with residents supporting new colourful ideas to make Chapel Allerton an even nicer place to live and work. If you have any ideas or would like to get involved please do get in touch at lovecaspaces@gmail.com

If social media is your thing, you can see what we’re up to on Instagram: www.instagram/ca_spaces  Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/caspaces and Twitter: @CA_Spaces


Can we do this in Harrogate too?

We'd love to see these kinds of initiatives in Harrogate too so if you are a local artist, keen gardener or just want to be part of something beautiful, speak to CA spaces for advice on how to get started and the support that may be available. We loved to be involved where we can.