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"How can we get what we need this christmas?"

...It’s the question on everyone’s mind

While many of us turn to shopping online we’d love to encourage you to continue to shop small and shop local where you can. Now more than ever, your local high street needs you! All shops are re-opening soon so Instead of thinking about what you want to buy think about what the local shops may have. They really value your support.

At The Refilling Station, we’re one of the businesses fortunate enough to stay open regardless of Government lockdowns, but if you’d rather not be out and about for too long, you can save time by ordering online using our Click & Collect service on our website. You can even select the local delivery option at checkout if you’re not able to leave the house to collect your shop. We’re just one of many independent businesses trading online - make sure you see which smaller shops you could support online before ordering from a larger marketplace.

Online purchases from smaller traders are also much less likely to come wrapped in lots of unnecessary packaging - but come December, they won’t be the only ones thinking through how to wrap things sustainably! I only found out last Christmas that most shiny wrapping papers can’t be recycled - and by the time I’ve wrapped my presents, even my usual brown kraft paper usually has plastic tape stuck to it.

This year, why not reduce your plastic waste and support a local business by buying our rolls of paper sticky tape and brown kraft paper? Both are fully recyclable and biodegradable, and it’s small changes like this which make a big difference when we all chip in. We started selling the paper sticky tape two Christmases ago and have kept selling it all year round as it was such a big hit!

Rolls of craft paper

Rolls of craft paper

Stay tuned for our next blog when we’ll be showcasing a few of our top Christmas gift ideas this year. As always we love seeing you, so please do pop in and say hi!



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