Ethically Sourced Olive Oils

Oils in a Metal Drum

Olive Oil on Tap

A few months ago, we added olive oil to our refill offering. But did you know that It's actually illegal to offer extra-virgin olive oil on tap in the UK? Fear not, the extra virgin oil we sell contains a teeny bit of garlic oil which is completely odourless and tasteless but it means that the olive oil we have is completely legal to sell as a refill because it has become an infusion.

Family Olive Groves

Our oil supplier is a small producer called Aeithalis which means ‘evergreen’. The family olive groves are based in a small village in Greece. The grove is a diverse ecosystem where no growth hormones or artificial watering aids are used.  Aeithalis only use special Koroneiki olives. when ripe, the olives are harvested traditionally by hand and are then cold-pressed in a cooperative local to the grove. The oil is bottled there and then. A grove that is alive with nature makes for the best quality olive oil - Aeithalis olive oil is of rare quality and was awarded a Great Taste award in 2019.  There is only one harvest per year so when it's gone, that’s it until the following year.

A shared ethos

Aeithalis love working with shops like ours because we share their ethos of sustainability. We buy our oil from them in 20 litre containers that we return for refilling when empty (We actually do the same for our Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil too)

Support two small businesses and more

Buying your oil from us supports Aeithalis, the cooperative that presses the olives and the surrounding village. You also support our little business, keep our staff employed and keeps us spending in the local economy too.

Bring your own bottle

We don’t sell Aeithalis olive oil ready bottled so make sure you bring along an empty bottle or even better, your old empty olive oil bottle!