Washed Away

liquid hand soap

Which Soap is Better…Solid or Liquid Soaps? When it comes to COVID-19, soap plays an essential role as it breaks down the fatty outer layer of the virus enabling the virus to become inactive. So soap is a real essential purchase right now but which is best, liquid or solid? Having read an article by…

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To Tea or not to Tea

Loose Tea Image

Have you thought about switching to loose tea? Tea purists often say that loose leaf wins hands-down over bagged any day but did you know that tea bags often contain plastic? If you fancy trying loose tea all you need instead of the bags a sieve, if you make pots of tea, to catch the…

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Local Delivery & Click & Collect Available

Our New Online Shop Is Open Get Local Delivery with 2.5 Miles or Click & Collect Quite a few of you have been sending in your orders by email for a couple of months now and this service seems to work pretty well and helps keep our queues down which hopefully reduces the length of…

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A Little Shade – Plastic Free Sunscreen

Shade Sunscreen

A Little Shade – Plastic Free Sun Screen Last year I ordered in a stock of Shade natural sunscreen. It sold so well and I really liked it too (my two kids had a tin in their school bags) so I decided to order it again this year. Shade was created to reflect a time…

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