A Little Shade - Plastic Free Sun Screen

Last year I ordered in a stock of Shade natural sunscreen. It sold so well and I really liked it too (my two kids had a tin in their school bags) so I decided to order it again this year.

Shade was created to reflect a time when life was simple and products were more simple too. So much of the sunscreens on the market today are full of nasty chemicals whereas Shade contains just four amazing ingredients.

The other lovely thing about shade is that it comes in a tin rather than a tube so its plastic free. You can use the tin afterwards to storing bits and pieces!

Shade Sunscreen




When you open the tin there are two things you will notice. The first is the colour - a creamy dense white colour. The second is the texture which is thick like the texture of a well known brand of antiseptic skin cream. Both of these factors mean that when you apply to your skin it will be obvious that you've used it and it is if you don't rub it in thoroughly. However this does mean that I feel my skin is protected because I can see exactly where I have put it. It is important to mention that no sunscreen can protect you from 100%.

We have two sizes to choose; small, perfect for pockets and larger tins for times when you need more!