Pumpkins somewhere over the rainbow

Capture from ARTventurers

The Big Neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail Remember the ‘Rainbow Trail’ that did the rounds in spring and summer? It was a simple way of making children (and adults) feel connected with each other by drawing, painting or making a rainbow and displaying it at their house or in their window for other children to find on…

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Guest Blog – Spice and Green

Autumn is on its way… It’s time to swap delicate berries and juicy stone fruits for robust squashes and dark greens. It’s a time to embrace soups curries, indulgent cheeses and rich chutneys. It’s also a time to start thinking about boosting our immune systems to help ward off those nasty coughs and colds. Introduce…

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Guest Blog – CA Spaces

Image of local artwork

Have You Noticed There Is A Little More Colour In Chapel Allerton Then Usual? We’re giving a little space this month to a guest writer, Sarah from CA Spaces. The following piece is a guest blog from Sarah at CA Spaces. We donated to the crowdfunder platform last year and our media box is the…

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A Charity Cover-Up

Image of face masks

Sourdough lungs! A few weeks into lockdown when flour was hard to come to by were concerned by all of the flour dust that we were breathing in. At that time, a long-standing customer of ours, Catherine, was making scrubs for the NHS. We asked her if she would make us a few face coverings…

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Rapeseed Oil, Local and Healthier

YRO Bottle

Healthier than Olive Oil Rapeseed oil contains much more omega 3 than olive oil…actually 11 times! It’s also a amazing source of omega 6 and 9 too! The oil contains half the saturated fat of olive oil and is a good source of vitamin E. Cooking and eating Because rapeseed oil has a high smoking…

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Honeybees help UK farmers

Stickey's Local Honey

Bees help farmers with crop pollination With the drive to increase the amount of food grown in the UK and reduce our imports, there has been noticeable changes to the agricultural crops grown and more farmers looking for beekeepers to help pollinate those new crops.  You may have noticed increased amounts of beans, clover and…

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New Chilly Additions

Image of Fridge Items

Frozen & Chilled Vegan & Vegetarian Goods Now At The Refilling Station Stepping it up We’ve moved into a new phase at The Refilling Station in Leeds – we can now offer chilled and frozen foods to hopefully complete your shopping! Unfortunately, we can’t fit a fridge or freezer in the Harrogate shop as its…

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Socially-Distant but Still Social-Shopping in Harrogate

harrogate Shelves

Open when others could not We’ve been open throughout lockdown but lots of our close friends and neighbours had to close. We don’t take it for granted for one moment that we were able to stay open. I refer to my blog a while ago about ‘Flour’. If anyone would’ve have told me, back in…

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