Amazinc Sun Protection

Containers of creams

Zero-Waste Natural Sun Protection Amazinc was founded back in 2015 with a vision to create a natural sunblock that whilst being kind to the environment is also functional. The zinc oxide in natural sunscreen work by coating the skin with a layer of protection to reflect the sun’s rays. They are non-nano and uncoated and…

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Well Oiled

Oils in a Metal Drum

Ethically Sourced Olive Oils Olive Oil on Tap A few months ago, we added olive oil to our refill offering. But did you know that It’s actually illegal to offer extra-virgin olive oil on tap in the UK? Fear not, the extra virgin oil we sell contains a teeny bit of garlic oil which is…

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Mental Health Awareness Week – Kirsty’s Story

Inage of female

Mental Health Awareness Week – Kirsty’s Story I am writing this pretty cathartic blog post, 5 years after my own mental health crisis. It can happen to anyone at any time so don’t suffer alone. I am a testament that you can come back stronger with a little time and patience. My children were 3…

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We go ‘nuts’ for our cashews

Image of nuts

We go ‘nuts’ for our cashews Could you survive on £6 a month? Did you know that some cashew nut processing plants pay their workers as little as 30p per day and often don’t supply their workers with the correct protective equipment? An important cash crop in India… In India, cashew nuts are one of…

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Miniml Products -Maximum Benefits

Sharing is caring Our main liquid refill supplier Miniml is working with several charity partners over the next 4 weeks. Every time you refill your bottles with us you are supporting ‘Martin House’ who provide family-led care for children with life-shortening conditions and ‘Simon on the Streets’ who provide practical and emotional support to the…

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Chapel Allerton Living Advent Calendar

Image of glass baubles

The Refilling Station Contribution Back in November, Kirsty mentioned that we were taking part in the Chapel Allerton Spaces Living Advent Calendar, where a new advent window is revealed each day of December up until Christmas Day. I love using light and colour to create spaces which welcome people in, so when Kirsty asked if…

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Rad Colab.

Rad Union – A fab way to move that weight! We’re seeing a lot of support for local shopping over the last year and especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. I believe that customers have realised how much they value their local high street and its contribution to the community and also to…

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New Electric Toothbrush Heads

Replacement Electric toothbrush heads

We are now stocking electric toothbrush heads so you can replace your Oral B and Phillips Sonicare heads with something a little more ecofriendly. These new toothbrush heads come with a postage-paid compostable bag so you can return the heads at the end of their use. The heads will be properly recycled rather than ending…

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Small but mighty gift ideas

True Tea Christmas Packs

Making a smaller-scale Christmas extra-special We’re all getting used to the idea that Christmas this year will look quite different to any that we’ve experienced – and probably to any Christmas celebrations that have taken place over the last 2020 years! Whilst we plan Christmas dinners that may be a little smaller this year, there’s…

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Sustainable shopping during a global pandemic

christmas image

“How can we get what we need this christmas?” …It’s the question on everyone’s mind While many of us turn to shopping online we’d love to encourage you to continue to shop small and shop local where you can. Now more than ever, your local high street needs you! All shops are re-opening soon so…

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