Flour, Flour Everywhere

Yes...we do sell flour!

Sacks of Flour in chapel allerton, Leeds health food shop

Here's the thing...we've stocked flour since we opened but when we noticed that we were selling more and more over the last month we needed to increase our stock to keep up with demand but also to ensure that our regular customers had access to an item they bought weekly.

Due to the increased demand for flour and yeast, supply chain has been affected by packaging shortage. I have a feeling that there are lots of households with bags of flour that they don't even know what to do with and those who can't access it at all.

We know that baking is good for our mental health but at least when we make our own food from scratch we know what is in it. Baking is a great activity to do with the children whilst they are home too. I know in our house, a warm sour dough loaf doesn't last long especially with store cupboard soup!

We currently sell around 75kg of flour a day and around 1kg of instant yeast. We've worked round the clock to ensure we can supply Chapel Allerton and Harrogate with their baking ingredients even if it means our shop and staff are covered in flour dust every single day!

I hate to say this but just like the supermarkets, we've imposed a customer restriction on flour and yeast to prevent stockpiling and we are asking customers to spend a little more with us to help us sustain our business at this time. We have to sell a lot of flour to keep our shop open!