Helpful Tips On How To Reduce Your Waste

There are loads more opportunities to refill than ever before so instead of chucking your old and empty bottles in to the recyling bin, refill it!

Washng up liquid refillIf you live near a refill shop like 'The Refilling Station' great! You can top up your liquid with eco-friendly, locally made dish soap without generating more plastic. We compare well on price with a common Eco(ver) washing up liquid often found in supermarkets. I am bias of course but I think our liquid is better, thicker and our tanks get refilled when empty meaning even less plastic waste! Our liquid detergents are also locally made in Yorkshire using fairly local ingredients too.

If you don't live near a refill shop, what you can do is purchase the biggest bottle of washing-up liquid you can find. There are loads of eco-friendly bottles available online. I have personally weighed a 5 litre bottle and a 500ml bottle and worked out that a 5 litre bottle saves approximately 7 new plastic bottles weight for weight.

Of course, another way of reducing your waste is to try to do smaller squirts for each wash load. After all it's not the bubbles that clean! I am sure a customer told me that a 7ml squeeze is all we need.