It’s been a tough week!

Image with birds and flowers

To our regulars - you've been pragmatic, patient and sensible. THANK YOU! We're working hard to save our business so we can be around for the future so your continued support is appreciated.

To those who have just discovered us - welcome to a shopping experience for pragmatic, patient and sensible. We hope you like our little community-focussed business.

Looking ahead to next week - We are working with our suppliers to continue to secure more deliveries and to stay stocked with all the basics and more.

We also want to make sure that our staff, who are all now 'key workers' don't get run down. With this in mind we may reduce our daily opening hours or close for an additional day to take a breather, regroup and restock.

Please check our social media and read our door signs for more information.

Finally - for fellow 'KEY WORKERS' based in Chapel Allerton and in the immediate vicinity who are unable to get some of their essentials because of those who are not pragmatic, sensible or patient, drop us a message via Facebook or Instagram and we'll do our best to help you out.

Kirsty, Clare, Lizzie and Ella