No (Year’s) Resolutions

Alcohol free bottles of wine

I wonder how many of you are pondering over what resolutions you are going to make for 2020. In 2020, I am putting zero pressure on myself to achieve anything. I am a mum, a wife and a small business-owner and I think that is enough pressure! Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and my job so I wouldn’t change it for the world but officially adding to this bundle would be a step too far for me. I am simply going to TRY to do things to improve my life, my diet, my physical and my mental health.

Think Small

If you are thinking of making some changes to your life, just start small and put less pressure on yourself. Small postitive changes really add up.

Vegan, Vegetarian or Selective Omnivore?

I am what Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall would call a ‘selective omnivore’. I choose to shop local, buy the best I can afford and if I do eat meat I prefer organic or at least, free range. If you want to make a positive step towards the environment, try eating less meat a few days a week or stop eating red meat and dairy. Try a few vegan meals a week if you can. It’s better to be an imperfect vegan or vegetarian than try so hard you simply fail because its too big a commitment. For more information on a vegetarian or vegan diet and for recipes and tips visit or

Dryer January

I am going to try as hard a possible to drink less alcohol. I am not a big drinker anyway but I hate missing out and always overdo it when I am on nights out. This year I am packing a few bottles of alcohol-free wine in the mix. I’ve found a lovely one called Bee’s Knees and another called Botonique. The latter claims to help with replenishing the minerals and vitamins your body has lost if you’ve overdone the booze! I sell both in the Refilling Station in Leeds if you fancy a alcohol-free tipple. If you do want to commit to a more official amnesty see

Reducing your plastic

You may feel that you need to reduce the amount of plastic you buy on a weekly basis. If you have a refill shop near you try simply filling up your washing-up liquid bottle with their eco-friendly version. you’ll be saving a bottle from the recycling bin and helping an independent small business at the same time. if you don’t have a refill station, try buying a 5 litre one online yourself so you can and refill your smaller one from that.

Red January

This time last year I was still up to my knee in a plaster cast. Previous to that I was a three-times-a-week gym goer . I never quite got back into the habits I had after my cast was removed and I started my business. I know exercise massively benefitted me mentally and obviously physically. I have struggled with my mental health and now that I am able to employ staff I am going to try to claw back a work/life balance so I can fit in some exercise.

Challenge yourself do doing exercise everyday to benefit your metal health. The mental health charity Mind are pioneering this initiative for 2020

Hate waste

A third of the world’s food will never be eaten according to You can help the enviroment and your pocket by wasting less food. There are some amazing recipes on their website such as potato peel soup and vegan pavlova using leftover chickpea water instead of eggs. You can also help reduce your waste by only buying what you need this is easier done if you have a shop like the Refilling Station so you can buy as little as 20g of our dry natural foods and refill your own containers too.