Plastic-Free, Locally Roasted Coffee

Third Wave Coffee

From a local roastery to you!

Did you know that in the Chapel Allerton shop we stock locally roasted ground coffee and coffee beans from a local supplier, Third Wave Roast?

Third Wave Roast supply our coffee from the West Yorkshire Village of Baildon. They are a micro-roastery and work directly with coffee farms and importers to source, roast and supply some of the best seasonal coffees from around the world.

The beans are roasted to our order and once ground (or not) they are then tipped straight into our special cleaned containers ready to fill the jar on our shop shelf. No packaging is used and you can fill your OWN jars too!!! We want to make sure it stays fresh so don't order more than a few kilograms at a time. 

Freshly Roasted

Coffee is roasted twice weekly in small batches on a specially designed roaster to ensure that the coffee is as fresh as possible ready for customers to use. Controlling temperatures and air flows in small batches allows the fine-tuning of each coffee, whilst developing its individual taste that distinguishes one coffee from another.

Brazillian Coffee

The naturally processed Brazilian coffee we always stock at The Refilling Station is from Mantiqueira region It is the most ’traditional’ tasting coffee from Third Wave Road, with tasting notes of Dark Berries, Milk Chocolate and Hazelnut, perfect for all brew methods.

Guest Coffee of the month!

We're trying out showcasing a special coffee each month and this month's special is from the mountains of Nyamasheke in Rwanda. A washed process coffee, it has bright citrus notes along with soft peach, showing is true flavour through a filter brewer or Aeropress.  This coffee is only available as a ground coffee.

Decaffeinated Coffee (beans and ready-ground)

Our decaf blend comes from the Central Americas and holds the flavours you would expect from the region, Caramel, stone fruits and a hint of orange. A naturally processed coffee, decaffeinated by Sparkling Water method will suit all brew type.

Weigh and Pay

You can buy as little as 40g of coffee from us. so if you just want to try a cup, that's fine. Bring your own airtight jar and fill up.