Rad Colab.

Rad Union - A fab way to move that weight!

Shop staff standing next to items
Shop Assistant standing with shopping Trolley

We're seeing a lot of support for local shopping over the last year and especially since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. I believe that customers have realised how much they value their local high street and its contribution to the community and also to provide much-needed contact with other humans during this time of isolation and social distancing.

With the rise of shopping local, how about an efficient way of shifting that weight and we're not talking that

Image of shopping Trolley

Kirsty's personal Rad Union Shopping Trolley

Covid stone or post-Christmas swell! Make way for a new breed of cool granny trolleys - let me introduce you to Rad Union, a local brand on a mission to make shopping trolleys fun. We were excited to work with Rad Union on this shoot for their campaign. Just like us, they have bought an old-fashioned concept to the forefront and made it fun.

Rad Union works with high profile artists and underdogs to get those stunning colours and rad patterns. They make all their frames by hand in a local eco-conscious way and they are super-high quality. The wheels move on bearings for a smooth ride for all that shopping and you can buy replacement wheels and bags if you fancy and change.

You can purchase a Rad Union Trolley direct from our Harrogate shop and walk out with your sustainable head held high! Leeds customers...have a chat with us if you want to purchase one.

Move over cars and make way for the new shopping carriage!