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Image of Woman standing in Shop
Woman standing in shop

We've been a bit rubbish lately with our website. We've certainly felt more than a little overwhelmed as I am sure many others are too.

In the current crisis we very privileged to still be able to trade and pay our staff, suppliers and bills. As a food shop for the local communities in Chapel Allerton in Leeds and Harrogate, we've seen a great need for what we sell.

Because Kirsty is working from home, both shops are nestled in the capable hands of our key worker 'Refill Heroes'; Clare, Lizzie, Ella and Amber in Leeds and Lydia and Jude in Harrogate. Kirsty (and Neil) ensure the shops have enough stock to keep them going as well as making sure the staff are working as safely as possible. Our 'Refill Heroes' have been amazing over the last month and they continue to be. They have been utterly exhausted at times.

To protect our key workers and other members of the public during this time, please nominate one person from your household to do the shopping to ensure that the areas outside the shops don't get overcrowded and compromise social distancing.

We are open 6 days a week in Leeds and 7 days a week in Harrogate but it is certainly not business as usual. Our shops are not self-service, we don't allow customers in the shops at all at the moment and we serve one customer at a time. We are not filling customer containers, its all paper bags, with the exception of laundry and household cleaning products. We do have a basic stock list on our website but this is badly in need of updating so assume we have the basics and ask questions when you reach the door way. They way we are operating currently goes against our ethos but we're doing the best we can to ensure staff and customers are as safe as possible.

We're working on a new click and collect service which will be ready soon - we'll let you know as soon as its ready.

Stay safe, wash your hands more often and only leave your home for the reasons you are allowed to.