Bee on blossom

Bees help farmers with crop pollination

With the drive to increase the amount of food grown in the UK and reduce our imports, there has been noticeable changes to the agricultural crops grown and more farmers looking for beekeepers to help pollinate those new crops.  You may have noticed increased amounts of beans, clover and radish used as cover crops to reduce the use of weed killers and appearance of buckwheat and borage being grown, there has also been a reduction of some crops too.

New homes for the honeybees

Stickey's Local Honey

Stickey's Local Honey

Chris Holmes founder of Stickey's Honey has been working with two new farmers this year and has set up permanent apiaries on their farms to help with the pollination of their crops. As important as the pollination of the crops is to agriculture it's just as important to keep his honeybees well-fed and healthy, just like people they don't like to eat the same food every day. Before Chris agrees to take his bees anywhere he needs to ensure there is a big mixture of plants and trees available throughout the year as well as water and protection from the elements.

Special Edition Honeys

By moving the bees to their new stomping ground, Stickey's will get different honey and we're looking forward to it. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates