The plastic-pollution-solution

Say no to plastic

Dip your toes into reducing your plastic consumption

If you want to take part in something positive this month, its Plastic-Free July! Join millions of other humans, becoming part of the plastic-pollution-solution. Plastic-free July has inspired millions of people to make small changes to their lifestyle and shopping habits and collectively these changes can make a huge impact.

Easy swaps

Anyone can get take part in Plastic-Free July. Don't get overwhelmed - start small by using some of the examples below:

  • Refilling or taking your own water bottles when you go out and handing over a clean reusable cup for takeaway drinks
  • Switching your usually sanitary products to menstrual cups or plastic-free pads and tampons
  • Switch to plastic-free safety razors, shaving bars, shampoo bars and soap
  • Use a bamboo toothbrush to clean and plastic-free toothpaste to clean your teeth
  • Reusing as much packaging and bottles as you can.
  • Buy bulk or loose foods and refills as much as you can.

How can we help you?

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page and our Instagram account for our Plastic-Free July offers or ask for details.

Find out more about Plastic-Free July and how you can get involved, a little or a lot. You can even sign-up to their challenge and join others to share ideas and inspire others.

Soapbox moment but indulge me here, please!

I have been horrified by all the litter I have seen lately especially the images of beauty spots being peppered with plastic waste during the last few months of good weather. The pandemic has definitely contributed to this problem. Beauty spots recovering due to reduced human interaction during lockdown, became swamped and littered once these restrictions were lifted.

In the area where I live and near the Refiling Station shops, I see disposable facemasks and gloves scattered on pavements constantly. Local-resident-litter-pickers are displaying their pictures on social media of the huge amounts of rubbish in my local area. Yes, some of it will blow out of bins and out of car windows etc but the majority is just carelessly abandoned by members of the public and yes, I guarantee, most of it will be  single-use plastic waste.