The Refilling Station on Tour!


Today we were invited ‘on tour’ by a local but large company who are committed to helping their employees make some small changes to their lives in 2020. They invited us totally free of charge to set up a stall and help their staff make simple swops.

Over the last year I have noticed that many customers are more than happy to refill their household liquids but perhaps refilling their pantry staples is a step too far (I may do a blog post about this another time!) so we decided to take our locally-made laundry liquid, washing-up liquid and liquid hand soap into the Office. A small by significant step to reducing plastic waste for these staff members. We also took good old-fashioned soap bars, natural deodorant, toothpaste, bamboo socks and a few other bits.

We had amazing positive feedback from the company and they’d like to discuss a more regular ‘Refill Shop’ in their premises in the future to help their staff continue on their ‘reduced-waste’ journey.

It was also lovely to meet their staff members who live fairly local to our shop but for one reason or another haven’t visited yet and of course a lovely surprise to see our regulars too!